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View Your Assignments on Your Device Calendar

I don’t see my Homework Suite assignments on my device calendar.

iPhone: If you have the paid version of Homework Suite Student Planner App and still don’t see your assignments on your phone’s calendar, make sure your iCloud calendar is enabled. Go to your phone’s settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars / iCloud and scroll down to the Calendar and make sure it is selected and green. Add a new class or assignment and all of your dates should now be visibile on your device calendar.
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iCloud Settings

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Not Receiving Notifications?

I’m not receiving notifications from Homework Suite Student Planner App.

iPhone: Go to your phone’s settings and scroll down to Homework Suite and click it. Then click notifications and ensure your preferences are selected.

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Notification Settings

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Mark Assignments Complete

How do I mark an assignment completed?

To remove an assignment from your assignment feed, simply swipe your finger across the item to delete it.

You don’t have to delete the assignment to hide it from view. After the due date, the assignment will drop to the bottom of the list automatically!

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