Homework Suite - Academic Planner for High School and University Students

Homework Suite is an academic planner mobile app available for iPhone, Android and Apple Watch. Simply enter your homework and let Homework Suite remind you of what's coming due and what class is coming up next.

As an added feature, college students can import syllabus assignments directly into the app. It will even track your attendance so you know if you can afford to miss or not. Finally, no more manually typing in each and every assignment from all of your syllabi.

Are you a parent who wants to help teach your child to be responsible, organized and timely? Homework Suite is the organizer that will do just that. Download it and see how easy it is for any student to stay organized.

Have a successful semester! Be Smart, Efficient, and Organized with Homework Suite, Your Student Planner Concierge.

Regards, BRAVE Consulting Team

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Useful Features

The only student app with a timetable that displays your class schedule, phone calendar integration, allows import of syllabus, tracks class attendance, stores teacher and study partners and group member contact info, and provides social sharing opportunities! The best and most comprehensive student planner app available. Your Homework Suite Concierge will: