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Are you a high school, or college student who needs an easy way to keep up with homework? Download Homework Suite for free and enter your homework and exam dates and let Homework Suite remind you of what's due.

College students: Take a few minutes to upgrade to pro and import all of your syllabus assignments and let Homework Suite do the rest.

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Features that make YOU more efficient!

Import Syllabi

No more tapping in a ton of assignments. Easily import your syllabus info and all assignments and get homework reminders on your iPhone, AndroidTM, and Apple Watch!

Syncs with Calendar

Enable iCloud calendar or Google Calendar. Then, you'll know what's due when making plans. (Pro Feature)

Photo Notes

Attach a photo to the notes of an assignment. Homework suite is the best student planner app!

End Procrastination

Create multiple reminders for tasks, change the color of classes and even create a study plan by creating subtasks in your planner.


Share your dashboard so your friends can wish you luck on your busy week or show off your perfect attendance!

Useful Planner Dashboard

Homework by Class

Quickly see how many assignments you have due in a particular class right on the dashboard! What a smart planner.

What's Due TODAY

Quickly see what homework is due today or exams that are happening today. You'll also see how many assignments you have coming due over the next week.


Hey Beautiful!

Personalize your dashboard with your selfie. Then share your student agenda with your friends on twitter or Facebook right from Homework Suite.

Other Features

Nothing like an easy to read graph that shows how many exams, quizzes, and homeworks you have coming up over the next few weeks. Stay organized and on time with this cool graph! Don't forget to share it with your friends so they can support your study efforts!

All of your Classes, Teachers and Study Group Members in One Student Agenda!

Email your teacher and study group members directly from Homework Suite! This student planner app will help you organize your classes, homework, and important contact information.

Import or Manually Add a Class

It's so easy to add a class. You can import your syllabus information from your computer. Here's a video to show you how. Of course you can manually enter your syllabus and assignments from this easy to use screen!

Attendance Tracker

Be proactive and track your own class attendance. You can even email or share your attendance report. And of course your student planner concierge tracks your attendance for you. Know your present, absent, and late total with this beautiful report.

Contact group members directly from the Homework Suite.

With a tap, email your group members right from Homework Suite. No more searching for their email addresses or phone numbers.

Assignment Views

Upcoming tasks can be viewed in a feed format and filtered by class. You can also view the assignment calendar to view homework by date. What a smart student agenda app!

  • Feed
  • Calendar
  • Notifications

Alerts and Reminders

Smart - Efficient - Organized


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